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I’ve learned a ton from all the Procurement customers I’ve met over the last decade while working at Oracle. My role over that time had been to design and build dedicated Procurement applications to make things easier. But software was all too often the easy part of an organization’s migration to effective procurement practices. There were common struggles I saw time and again.

I’m hoping to use this forum to document what I’ve learned and to speculate a little about the future. You see, my view is Procurement tools are still in their infancy, and that the majority of organizations still don’t have effective systems.

Procurement was never an area I expected to fall in love with. But I have. I’ve always admired its focus on efficiency. Procurement is about moving faster and making better decisions, all the while trying to lower costs. What’s not to love?

I have to say Jason Busch over at is doing an amazing job covering the Procurement news beat. So I won’t try and do the same here. What I will do is recap my experiences with customers and their deployments. Hats off to you Jason, you are seriously plugged in! Keep up the good work!


Written by Dave Stephens

02/17/06 8:42 AM at 8:42 am

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