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Mending Fences With An Angry Supplier Base

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It’s an open question whether buyers will continue to have the upper hand with suppliers over the coming years. Some professionals I’ve spoken to recently are being very, very careful – playing nice now just in case inflation and capacity constraints lead to a shift in the balance of power from buyer to supplier. And should the shift occur, buyers should beware the same technology they’ve used to pound away at supplier margins could ricochet to increase the pace of inflation through the supply chain. Can you picture forward auctions for reserving the capacity of component supply across your key components?

Suppliers don’t hold grudges, do they? I mean, after all, it’s just business…


Written by Dave Stephens

03/7/06 3:46 PM at 3:46 pm

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  1. as-94783-sa

    Love what you have to say


    07/18/06 10:35 PM at 10:35 pm

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