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Marketing meets Procurement

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Could the Procurement discipline be at long last making inroads into Marketing spend? Read this, maybe so.

The world’s best Marketing often defies quantification. How do you measure the value of Apple’s “1984” campaign, or the BMW tagline: “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Most marketing professionals might shrug their shoulders and say you pay for talent, and talent is something you “know when you see.” But of course this drives most Procurement professionals crazy – it’s just fine paying extra for top-notch service and better results, but where are the measurements?

This attitude spills over into more quantitative buying within the Marketing domain: buying ads, print runs, and space rental for events.

Companies that stay true to their Marketing “missions” and yet engage and rely on Procurement professionals for help should do well. And perhaps their numbers are growing.


Written by Dave Stephens

03/15/06 2:43 PM at 2:43 pm

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