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Tax Engine Blues

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Talking with customers, one area of Procurement came up as problematic again and again in their implementations. T-A-X-E-S. Sure, it's just an estimate on the PO and optional on the Requisition. But why, oh why Oracle can't you have a good, simple tax engine. (Because taxes aren't simple?)

Vertex and Taxware (and their ilk) were absolute must-have's for Oracle implementations.

Seriously, what is so hard about US Sales and Use Tax. Everone expects VAT and Europe in general to be difficult, but even US Sales and Use seems too difficult to believe. Government tax codes are written by committee, so I guess it's no surprise.

Do any of you know of any good, modern, tax solutions out there? What seems to be working & offers lowest TCO?


Written by Dave Stephens

03/28/06 8:57 PM at 8:57 pm

Posted in Opinion, Technology

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  1. How about somebody launching a start-up to do US Sales and Use Tax SaaS? Just have a nifty web service corporations can call with a bunch of flags? Offer it on a subscription basis, and make your money by keeping the content up to date. Hit positive cash flow and add VAT support :)

    Dave Stephens

    03/29/06 8:33 PM at 8:33 pm

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