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Public Sector – Long Sales Cycles and Kickbacks Expected

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By all means check out Jason's post on the new Federal CPO.

It got me thinking. After all, I've been trying to figure out how to eventually "not be a blogging bum". One of my early ideas was to build public sector-specific software. But it didn't check out. I had already discounted Federal due to $ required to even participate in a sales cycle, so I considered instead States and Municipalities.

I asked experts about the sales process – and of course I drew upon my own sales experiences while at Oracle with both the Federal and State and Local teams. As everyone knows, trees can grow tall during a single sales cycle. But what really soured me on the idea was when one advisor was able to pull out a price sheet on meetings with governors and mayors for California, Oregon, and Washington. Prior to that my idealism kept me too naive to believe stuff like that actually happens. Now with my idealism duly crushed, I just don't see the system changing. But I hope I'm wrong!


Written by Dave Stephens

04/20/06 6:07 AM at 6:07 am

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