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Oracle Advanced Procurement: Graduating Class

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Quite a few members of my former team are pushing hard to get R12 of Oracle Advanced Procurement out the door. I have no doubt they are doing a great job.

But quite a few others have gotten the start-up bug, mostly in the consumer space. And some have moved on to "cool" endeavors at other established firms. I've decided to label the group who has left: The Advanced Procurement "Graduating Class". Here's the honor roll:

Jeff Mellen, Joe Wong, Sam Hsiung, Srini Panguluri – YouOS startup

Jang Kim – startup

Jacky Cheung – startup

Sudhir Rao – Purisma startup 

Angus Huang – Aplix (established company in cool space)

Damon May – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (what an amazing job)

Now, some of my former hot shots are MIA. Drop me a line at drstephe at gmail dot com and let me know what you're up to. I'll update the honor roll accordingly ;)

It's a joy to see these former Advanced Procurement development rockstars spread their wings. The ones pursuing start-ups are each going after pure innovation & creativity and are pursuing large prospective markets. It's great stuff. For the readers who have time check out some of their websites & demo their stuff.

And here's a promise to the "Graduating Class": I won't be just a lazy bones blogger forever!



Written by Dave Stephens

04/26/06 10:42 PM at 10:42 pm

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