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Liquidation Sales

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Over the years central Procurement departments have been responsible for a lot of stuff. If memory serves, up to 45% of firms in some surveys have Procurement lead disposal sales. So I have a basic question for my readers: why? Is Procurement really a natural for *selling* as well as buying?

There was a time when Sourcing solutions weren't even considered complete unless they supported a forward- as well as a reverse auction. But of course it was ludicrous for most sales – because sellers naturally go to where their market is. And whatever you're disposing of, chances are "the market" is NOT in your sourcing tool!

DoveBid or eBay seem like two of the most logical choices for disposal sales. And of course there are a ton of eBay liquidation specialists to choose from.

Please share your stories on this topic. A friend of mine who ran Procurement at a mid-sized high-tech company once told me their disposal sales were more like garage sales – a few signs would go up around the neighborhood & the receiving dock would be open for the day with people coming by to make offers on lots of "stuff" (office furniture, excess inventory, etc). Can you beat that?


Written by Dave Stephens

04/30/06 8:59 PM at 8:59 pm

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