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Public Sector “Bidder’s Rights”

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What’s the right balance between protecting prospective government suppliers from unfair awards and keeping government practices lean?

On the one hand it’s important that rules and regulations penalize unfair practices to prevent cronyism and bribery from tainting awards of government contracts. But on the other hand, these very same protections tend to cause a mountain of red tape, inefficiency, and a “cover-your-ass at all costs” attitude in government contract offices – often at the expense of doing the right thing.

So there’s no clear answer. Here in the US, despite the FAR and DFAR and all our other regulations, stuff like this happens. And in the EU, the regulations are beginning to grow. I guess you have to protect vendors rights and offer them some recourse as a check on a potentially corrupt system. But time will tell if “bidder’s rights” leads to better outcomes or slower and less efficient procurement practices.


Written by Dave Stephens

05/11/06 8:48 PM at 8:48 pm

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