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US EPA Online Supplier Directory

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The Environmental Protection Agency has something called "CPG", and it doesn't stand for consumer packaged goods. Instead, it stands for "Comprehensive Procurement Guideline", one that applies to Federal procurement & all state and local procurement done utilizing federally-issued funds. And although it is called a "guideline", it must be followed for products the EPA designates.

Here's a brief history of the program straight from the EPA website:

"In 1995, EPA issued the first CPG which covered EPA's original 5 procurement guidelines and added 19 products. The first CPG update (CPG II), published in November of 1997, designated an additional 12 items. A second CPG update (CPG III), published in January 2000, designated an additional 18 items. A third CPG update (CPG IV), published in April 2004, designated an additional seven items and revised three existing item designations."

One interesting facet of the program is the online supplier database the EPA has assembled. A blind query reveals 1352 suppliers, far lower than I thought would readily conform to government regs to get a chance for juicy government contracts. And the 1352 is really a huge exaggeration as the database repeats suppliers for some product/subproduct combinations. I'd guess the true number is closer to 500.

There are 59 product designations (e.g. traffic cones), and 31 "materials" (e.g. slag).

Online databases like these are handy. I wish there were more absolutely free sources of cleansed supplier data. What is your favorite source? (Please share as a comment!)

Harris Infosource (D&B)



Written by Dave Stephens

05/18/06 7:39 PM at 7:39 pm

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