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Tim Minahan’s West Coast Swing

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A tired Tim Minahan showed up in San Jose today for a continuation of his inaugural Procuri Supply Management tour. “It’s okay because the end is in sight” he said.

Tim delivered an excellent presentation on the value of Procurement executives in today's challenging times. He drew on historical trends, touched on high energy prices, and in general pumped up a receptive group of customers.

Before the event, I asked about Procuri's take on SAP’s Frictionless acquisition. “Will we see them in some deals and lose one or two? Sure. Would we have rather had them go under? No doubt. But we’ll do fine,” said Procuri's RVP of West Coast sales. My own view is the same – it’s not clear to me it will slow Procuri's momentum.

Sun gave a good presentation on their achievements in the Sourcing domain. And a division of Sony talked about their central contract management success story.

All in all, as an outsider, I'd give Procuri an "A" on a nice event. It was well-staffed and the tone seemed the right balance between professional and casual.

Good luck in Irvine tomorrow Tim!


Written by Dave Stephens

05/23/06 12:16 PM at 12:16 pm

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