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A reader duly followed up on my question around’s “independence” from Ariba – and I thought his comment was worth posting: has some hints as to who owns it. Judge for yourself how ambiguous it is.

cXML.FAQ #10 and #11 (
“Ariba … retains control over the standard.”
“ is not open to membership requests.”

And if that’s not clear enough, check out the License Agreement, item #9 (
“Ariba, Inc. shall be deemed the Licensor.”

So it sure would seem is really just a disguised Ariba website. In fact, had I been smarter I would have looked at who owns & pays for the domain. Yep, you guessed it: Ariba. But even so cXML remains one of the most widely used formats for buyer & supplier communication around. And that can’t be all bad.


Written by Dave Stephens

05/24/06 2:19 PM at 2:19 pm

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