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Oracle Socks Another Q4 Homerun

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Wow. Here's the pre-release. Good applications & technology numbers from Oracle. You can always count on Oracle for a great Q4 – and they've certainly delivered in '06.

One detailed point – Larry's been offering selective disclosure on Oracle's database business by combining it with his middleware business. This has effectively cloaked the health of the database business, though I'm certainly not suggesting it's intentional. But it is true Oracle's middleware business, led by Thomas Kurian, has been performing extremely well, seemingly taking share from everyone. So don't assume the "technology" growth numbers are database growth numbers – they're not.

On the applications front, this certainly puts Oracle back in the game against SAP. 56% for organic growth is very respectable indeed. And off of a '05 Q4 license of ~350MM, the 83% increase means Oracle pulled down ~640MM. Congratulations to all you Oracle employee readers! I can't wait to see how Bill McDermott, the often caustic North American SAP head, will spin Oracle's numbers.

Enterprise applications are back, that's for sure. At least in Redwood Shores.


Written by Dave Stephens

06/15/06 8:13 PM at 8:13 pm

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