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The Time Grows Near

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As we grow closer to Coupa’s inaugural launch of Coupa eProcurement, we’ve been encouraged by early feedback from interested early adopters, partners, and friends. Thanks to all of you who’ve spent an hour or two diving deep on the functionality via your browser, Webex, or in person.

Sharing new product innovations & then honing them through direct customer feedback has long been something I’ve enjoyed. It’s exciting to see our new venture get to the point where that’s possible & happening on a near daily basis.

I admit it’s been tough to keep up the blogging with all the demos and such. This last final push to get the product complete & ready to turn over to the open source community has been a haul. But while super tiring, it is also a lot of fun.

I’m reminded Noah mentioned fellow blogger & open source enthusiast Matt Asay in his post on the World Cup. I read Matt’s blog from time to time and value a lot of his commentary. And I’m definitely a fan of the team he joined over at Alfresco. I’ve been looking at the “history” section on their about us page and using it as a yardstick to measure our progress. They’re obviously a very talented bunch.

Switching back to blogging it seems Debbie Wilson suspects us Procurement bloggers are a transient bunch. I am going to do my best to prove her wrong. At over 100 posts now I’ve still yet to tap the bulk of my Oracle experiences or the breadth of my observations on the power of effective Procurement. And congratulations to Debbie on joining Gartner! But Debbie please don’t make your old posts disappear! Keep them around and freely available. They’ll do nothing but bolster your credentials at Gartner.


Written by Dave Stephens

06/28/06 9:59 PM at 9:59 pm

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