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HP & Mercury Interactive Hook up – and Ariba Continues Their Revenue Diet Program

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Wow. Mercury Interactive, a leading provider of testing software (including WinRunner and LoadRunner) is becoming part of HP. You can start to see even more alignment of HP’s businesses towards a “we’re just like IBM” model. What’s next? Selling off the consumer PC business? In any event, HP seems to be doing quite well thank you very much.

I always liked Mercury’s stuff – and I think this acquisition is an interesting one as it will help Mercury recover from their options scandal & immediately stop that stain from being a drag on their business.

In other news Ariba came in light on revenues… Again… But they say things are going really “well” transitioning the business to subscriptions. Of course, that was what they’ve been saying for the last 5 quarters also. I guess it depends on what the definition of “well” is. Sometimes it means on course, good, nicely, etc. But “well” can also mean ‘a deep pit you keep digging in the hope of finding water’… The stock is getting pounded after-hours, down 5.8%. On a more positive note, I really liked Ariba’s recent decision to ship a NetWeaver adapter for their supplier network service to tie into SAP.

As a vendor entering the Procurement space, it sure would be helpful if they starting executing a little better. So hurry up Ariba.


Written by Dave Stephens

07/25/06 2:16 PM at 2:16 pm

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  1. Interesting article on Ariba. I see Ariba as our biggest competitor. We are Niche – so not scared! Biggest challenge is getting the pre-release out – Now I have to deal with fuel strikes – read my blog! Catch you later. Oh by the way got access to Technology Director at NetSuite. Thanks for your help

    Manoj Ranaweera

    07/26/06 12:24 AM at 12:24 am

  2. shows what i know – the market likes arba cost control.. the stock has reversed after-hours stance and is now up 5.8%.

    Dave Stephens

    07/26/06 6:43 AM at 6:43 am

  3. […] Nothing new to say – here’s their press release. Please refer to my previous post on last quarter’s numbers as it applies equally well to the current quarter. […]

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