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Coupa Preview Release Now Available

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I’m pleased to announce we’ve issued our preview release of Coupa eProcurement. Our corporate website is refreshed, and we are live on Sourceforge. There are still a bunch of things to do to dress up our presence at both places, but it’s a good start.

I want to strongly express my gratitude to Noah Eisner, David Williams, and Seggy Umboh for their impressive dedication, work ethic, and achievement over the last few months. You guys rock. Big time.

Thanks also to Kevin Miller for his early and continuing guidance on the Coupa project. I learned the Procurement space under Kevin’s leadership for many moons at Oracle. He was always a great boss and proved a tough act to follow.

I also want to thank Ron Wohl for his time, his advice, and his continuing encouragement.

Before I go and set the bar too high, please remember Coupa’s preview release is an initial body of work. There are many additional capabilities we plan to add. I’m also looking forward to more detailed feedback from contributors, ISV’s, SI’s, and prospects so we can fine tune and enhance what we’ve done. Still, I think we’ve got some pretty great stuff in there too.

Coupa has now planted its flagpole in the dirt. We’re the Open Source Procurement company.


Written by Dave Stephens

07/26/06 11:26 PM at 11:26 pm

Posted in Coupa, Open Source

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  1. Dave, well done! You beat me to it. Two of my other friends, did as well! Tiyga and Yuuguu (read my blog). I like your web facelift. It also gave me few ideas of how to change ours. It certainly look like we can complement yours, thereby increasing the competitiveness of both businesses. First, we need to get ebdex Document Exchange launched before daring to integrate with an eprocurement solutions! Congratulations and wish you all the best!

    Manoj Ranaweera

    07/27/06 8:27 AM at 8:27 am

  2. Though I am a linux guy I downloaded the Windows version and installed it and played with it. Here are a few observations

    First the good:

    *. Intallation went very smooth and worked the first time, no DOA issue.
    *. I liked the 3-image button trick that you guys are using. I first saw a similar 2-image trick for a ajax implementation which showed a spinning circle right after typing a letter which triggers the xml request.
    *. The dragging interface to put an item into the shopping cart is cool. But personally I wonder if people would prefer that or the simple button click.
    *. Color change to highlight an action after adding an item to the shopping cart. I actually saw this first with
    *. The use of webkit to get the simple and elegant top bar with rounder corners was pretty cool (I just came to know about webkit)
    *. Using Google’s onebox concept to provide contextual search based on tag/prefix (ask: for questions, tag: for tags)
    *. Tags
    *. Regular expression based validation for Cost Center keeps it simple, but not sure if every admin will favor this
    *. Modal window effect with blurred background. I saw this first on Netflix (adding a movie to the queue brings related recommendations in such a modal window, actually a higher zindexed layer for tech guys, with blurred background).

    Then few issues:

    *. I could create a supplier and make himself as his own parent. I guess sometimes productivity can be attributed to not coding for stupid use cases (that invariably make into test cases if there is a large QA team), and not so much to ROR or J2EE or whatever technology. Software from larger closed source vendors will probably ensure that either the supplier himself or any of the supplier to which the supplier is direct/indirect parent can’t be made a parent of the supplier.

    *. When I click on Suppliers, Contact link of one supplier and click Back, I was expecting to go back to the list of suppliers. Instead, I ended up in the list of contacts. Probably this is again related to how ROR works. Well, simple conventions may reduce development cost, but may not match up user expectations.

    *. I downloaded the supplier upload template and notice that all the Primary Address related fields are prefixed with “Primary Address xyz”. It was irritating to see so many “Primary Address xyz” and I had to expand each and every field to see what it is. Instead, using the format “xyz (Primary Address)” is probably much better.

    *. When uploading, the status bar was cool. Had the cursor changed to wait cursor, it would have been cooler.

    *. After uploading 100 suppliers, I realized I don’t have a way to search for the suppliers. I have to browse them 10 at a time! I wonder if this is ROR related or pending to implement or only available in enterprise edition?

    *. No sorting of data either.

    *. While tagging, I was expecting ajax behavior. Like how when categorizing blogs on wordpress it shows the related categories as you start typing a category. I first saw this behavior with

    Overall I think for a 0.1 version, the quality is not bad. Great work guys! Will keep checking newer versions.


    07/27/06 9:31 PM at 9:31 pm

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