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eProcurement – Part Service, All Compliance

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Here’s a few more observations about eProcurement.. It’s a service.. And the better the service, the higher the degree of compliance. After all, preventing fraud and other forms of corporate abuse is certainly job 1 these days.

So as Procurement leaders, it’s your duty to push tools and content that satisfy your business units. The days of force-feeding a reluctant enterprise low quality Toshiba laptops for $300/per unit savings are over. And just in case you didn’t realize it already, the pens that costs 5 cents but gets thrown away by the dozen don’t save you or the environment anything.

Especially in service industries, today’s workers are knowledge workers. Buying better goods and services help make them more productive, and that’s the competitive edge most businesses are looking for.

Plus, with an employee population truly satisfied with a highly efficient tool for requisitioning filled with smart options for goods and services, you have the political power to move mountains. You are far more likely to get involved in the type of make vs. buy decisions that have real impact on the profitability and competitiveness of your company.

So look at eProcurement as a service your employees need – make it easy, make it fun, and they’ll support you. You’ll get compliance to your corporate policies, save a little money, and be in a position to move your organization forward…

eProcurement – the better the service, the higher the degree of compliance…


Written by Dave Stephens

08/21/06 8:14 PM at 8:14 pm

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