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Quick Coupa Update

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We’ll have a corporate blog up shortly – and updates like these will be posted there once we do..

Some things we hope to introduce very soon include an online demo system for our Enterprise Edition (followed by Open Source Edition). We’ll have a lot better demo data in there then the skinny’d down database embedded in the Sourceforge downloads.

Also, we are prepping for another drop of the Open Source Edition on sourceforge. Probably time for a light refresh. We’ve responded to suggestions we’ve received to date & also re-packaged the application as a rails engine plug-in. Part of the reason is partner-friendly – this should make it easier to embed our stuff in a broader platform. The other part is efficiency – it helps us manage our SVN repositories easier.

August 27th will be +1 month from our initial and pretty quiet Preview Release launch. Thanks to everyone who’s provided feedback.


Written by Dave Stephens

08/25/06 7:05 AM at 7:05 am

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  1. Like the idea about corporate blog! I launched mine yesterday (like I didn’t tell you this morning!). I like your Wiki but decided against it for us as we are not open source. One idea I am debating about is using Corporate Blog to educate our customers, but this means competition can see what we are up to it. We had to postpone the advanced help functionality that we intended to built into the system. So once you log in, there is no help available. Any suggestions on how best to advice clients? Only made software available yesterday. Few enquiries already. IE7 tabs are a nightmare.

    I set-up a childish challenge! Can I get more blog stats than you. So far only 2000 since moving to WordPress about a month ago. I know this is pathetic but its good fun. Will catch up again.

    Like the idea of appointing Mayors. So when is your turn?

    Manoj Ranaweera

    08/25/06 1:51 PM at 1:51 pm

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