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Preview Release 2 Now Available

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We’ve put out a new release of Coupa eProcurement on Sourceforge. A lot of technical work went into this one – notably including turning the Open Source Edition into a rails engine. Although I’ll be the first to admit no buyer would ever get excited about it, being a rails engine sets the stage for Coupa eProcurement to plug into a variety of broader applications platforms. So it’s foundation-building and nice to see.

We’ve fixed a lot of bugs, including solidifying our IE6 support. IE6 is so awful in its standards-compliance and so dated (5+ years old) that it pained me to make the investment. However, so many people use it it wasn’t optional for the business (why haven’t you guys tried Firefox?). The good news is IE7 is far more standards compliant..

We’ve included a handful of minor functional improvements in this drop as well, some coming a result of early feedback we received on Preview 1 (like searching and sorting in the admin areas of the application). We’ve improved approvals. We’ve made search better (by more fully adopting Ferret).

It certainly is nice to be able to progress the software incrementally & to start to see the advantages of the platform begin to show.

And we have some exciting plans we are now progressing on Release 3…


Written by Dave Stephens

09/12/06 10:19 AM at 10:19 am

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