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Countdown to 20,000 unique page views

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I expect Procurement Central will hit 20,000 unique page views this week. Thanks to all of you who stop by from time to time.

Like most blogs, Procurement Central started out as an experiment. And let me tell you – the novelty of trying to be interesting on a daily basis wore off just a few weeks after I began. Blogging turned from treat to chore. But I decided to stick with it. And slowly it has grown into something very fun and truly enjoyable.

The CEO of Technorati once said he viewed blogs as people’s “focus & attention over time.” After spending months writing, I believe that is a very insightful description.

So here are the stats: I started Procurement Central on February 17th, 2006. This will be my 156th post and the blog has received 186 comments. Unique page views is around 20,000. RSS readership, while once light, now hovers around 100 feeds served daily.

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Written by Dave Stephens

09/25/06 9:12 PM at 9:12 pm

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  1. In another post and comments, few people indicated that they really have no clue who their readers are, if they are repeat readers etc. And wordpress doesn’t really provide much of that information. And whatever it gives, I frankly can’t interpret that well.

    While I like WordPress’s user interface and many other functionality, one thing I don’t like with these guys is that they are completely against JavaScript. As a result, you can’t install your own Google Analytics script to get better control of the statistics.

    After a bit of research, I found who provides free service (as long as your load is no more than 9000/day which is like condensing Dave’s total blog readership so far into 2.x days). They allow creating a pure html based tracking script as well and it provides ip address, country/ISP (they even map the IP coordinates on Google maps!), browser stats, OS stats and a few others. Unfortunately, as it’s not javascript based, a few stats don’t show up, but guess what? One eye is better than no eye.

    BTW, congratulations to Dave for meeting the 20000 mark! And I can’t agree more about the “treat to chore” part.


    09/26/06 11:33 PM at 11:33 pm

  2. great tip. thanks!

    Dave Stephens

    09/27/06 12:36 AM at 12:36 am

  3. Well done Dave. I have sitemeter installed on mine. Thanks for the tip AC

    Manoj Ranaweera

    09/27/06 3:08 AM at 3:08 am

  4. Nice work, Dave. I can totally feel your pain, bro’! (Cali-speak for, it sucked for me too.)

    What started as a novelty became a grind until I found a good rhythm and trained my brain to blog. Ugh.

    David Bush

    09/27/06 10:58 AM at 10:58 am

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