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First thing in the morning, I usually take a quick glance at my My Yahoo! page. I’ve looked into switching to more customizable homepages, but none have appealed yet. I’ve got my ticker of stocks that I own (not many!) and others that I follow. Being in enterprise software, of course SAP is on the watch list. Drilled down into the news and came across this press release “SAP Drives Open Standards to Simplify Enterprise SOA“.

Reading through the release, I felt guilty. Why? Because I’ve been in the same place as the people putting out the release. SOA is a difficult concept to explain. But rather than trying to boil it down so my grandma could understand it, we wrap it up in acronyms, technical talk and other jargon.

Looking at the release, I noted down the following acronyms (not including SAP!):

SOA, Java EE, W3C, HTML, XML, SOAP, WSDL, WS-Addressing, WS-Policy, OASIS, WS-Security, UDDI, WS-I, WS-I Basic Profile 1.1, WS-I Basic Security Profile 1.0, JCP, JCP SE/EE, JSRs, SCA, SCO, BPEL4People, BPEL, EPCGlobal, EPC/RFID, SDN, IVN, UN/CEFACT, CP, GS1 eCOM, VICS, GCI, ARTS, TCO

I counted 34 acronyms in under 1200 words and about 42 sentences. My poor grandma’s head is spinning.


Written by Noah Eisner

10/18/06 8:45 AM at 8:45 am

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  1. When the discussion changes from the value being delivered to how it’s being delivered, that’s when alarm bells go off for me. I couldn’t give two hoots, for example, whether a product is J2EE or Ruby on Rails or whatever — just show me end-user value, and I’m a believer.

    Dave Barry once observed that the quality of a movie is inversely proportional to the amount of helicopter footage; maybe we can create a vendor marketing heuristic along the lines of “usefulness inversely proportional to acronym frequency.”

    Eric Strovinnk

    10/18/06 11:41 AM at 11:41 am

  2. my hard drive isn’t compatible with Curtis’s Pizza

    Karin Dayspring

    02/10/07 10:48 AM at 10:48 am

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