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Australia, Green Edition

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Though I’ve only been to the world’s oldest continent, Australia, once, I loved it. I stayed in and around Sydney. Which, come to think of it, is like saying you love the US because you visited New York. But indulge me.

I remember as I was leaving, a local gave me some great insight by predicting my route from Sydney to India would involve crossing over thousands of miles of arid, parched earth. “Look out your window 30 minutes after you take off, then 3 hours later and you’ll understand the climate of central Australia,” he said.

So I was delighted to read Australia has found a use for all this extra sunshine – namely, power. They are going to build the largest solar power plant in the world. And why not?

For those who are verbally challenged, or just plain bore easily, here it is in pictures:

A satellite image of Australia (before):

What Australia really looks like (so you understand):

Australia builds massive solar power plant (now that’s big)

Hey Indonesia, need some power?

Okay, all silliness aside, I think this is fantastic. More capital flows into emerging energy technology when this kind of investment is made. And that helps the technology mature and improve. Nicely done Australia!


Written by Dave Stephens

10/25/06 1:59 PM at 1:59 pm

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