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IBM NTP IP (Patent Pending)

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Upon hearing IBM had filed suit against for patent infringement I wrote up a short, sarcastic note that I ended up scrapping. Because who am I to judge whether IBM is actually something more than a “software patent pirate?” A snippet of the flame/post read something like this:

ZDNet reports “the patents deal with intellectual property issues ranging from advertising to hyperlink technology to electronic catalogues.” In a related development, I’ve decided to sue Safeway for laying out their parking lot in an efficient manner. After all, a friend of mine “invented” that back in the 80’s and licensed it to my high school (or at least the guy re-painting the high school parking lot)—

And now today’s news – NTP has chosen Palm as its next victim. Grrr.. Of course NTP has no true intention of competing in the PDA or mobile device market. Any more than IBM wants to become the next Amazon.


Written by Dave Stephens

11/6/06 2:23 PM at 2:23 pm

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