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Starbucks Cellphone Service Supports Stranded Sippers

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C|net news reports Starbucks has announced a new text message service to locate the nearest Starbucks. The caffeine-deprived simply send their current zip code to MYSBUX (697289) and voila – you’ll get a response with the 3 “nearest” locations.

I have two issues with this service, and so I formally lodge my complaint herein:

1) If I’m in Palo Alto, which of the 12 Starbucks do you show as “nearest”? I want nearest to where I’m standing, not nearest to the epicenter of a zip code!

2) How is this more efficient than my current system of looking out the window of my car? Seems like that is all that’s required to spot a Starbucks these days. :)

Okay – enough said. Time for a latte.


Written by Dave Stephens

03/1/07 4:37 PM at 4:37 pm

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  1. I wonder whether this service extends to UK! We dined at a Chinese Restaurant in Manchester with friends on past Sunday, but decided to have coffee elsewhere (too much Chinese tea by then) instead of at the restaurant. Luckily I knew the nearest Starbucks (Cafe Nero or Coffee Republic would have equally been OK!). Service like this would be handy. Next question is that you would need to programme the damn codes, if we extend this to our favourite KFC, McDonalds, etc (I got kids!).

    Manoj Ranaweera

    03/7/07 4:51 AM at 4:51 am

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