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Jyte Is Pretty Cool

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Every once and awhile I tune in to JanRain’s broadcast – they are the team behind the Open Source project OpenID. (Which is timely to share since I think WordPress is now OpenID compatible.) I’ve written on OpenID in the past – but to recap it allows you to use your login credentials from your favorite trusted site when logging into other sites. (i.e. use your Yahoo! login to log in to WordPress, etc). It’s like a simple version of LDAP that any site in the world can tune into.

Now the guys over at JanRain has also baked up some Jyte. It’s like an open version of MySpace (without friendship rings, etc) with a little of Wikipedia thrown in. Its special sauce is that you or others can make claims about you – and then people get to vote on whether they believe or agree with your claim.


What if we all started using this for suppliers? And what if suppliers could use it for their customers?

For example: GE Pays Really, Really Late (Thumbs Up, +1000, Thumbs Down, 0). Or how about: Grainger’s Emergency Repair Part Service Is Inexpensive (Thumbs Up, 0, Thumbs Down, 321). Fun stuff!


Written by Dave Stephens

03/11/07 8:42 AM at 8:42 am

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