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Cowen Slams Salesforce

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Peter Goldmacher got downright curmudgeon-ly on in a recent Cowen & Co. research note. Peter believes faces a questionable future – and that for reasons he never explains, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft will now suddenly be competitive with the firm. Too bad analyst reports can’t receive “star ratings” like books do on

As for me, I’d like to understand what “imminent competition” the big boys will be offering Salesforce – given that Marc Benioff has made the company’s primary mission to go replace failing Siebel implementations – and he has seemed to find runaway success at doing just that.

At some point, you’d have to acknowledge Salesforce as the “market leader in CRM software people actually use.” And at that point, you have to start finding reasons for people to switch from Salesforce to something else.. Why would they?

Maybe there’s some new strategy afoot here – either in Redwood Shores, Walldorf, or Redmond – something that Peter is privy to that the rest of us don’t see. But growth numbers seem to paint a far different picture – one where it’s the big boys who are struggling to keep pace with market share gains. In fact, is on the verge of moving up a weight class itself.


Written by Dave Stephens

04/13/07 11:40 AM at 11:40 am

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