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Exciting News – Bye Bye Procurement Central

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Over the last few months my startup Coupa Software has continued to grow. It’s been great – but it has meant I’ve had far less time to dedicate to the care and feeding of Procurement Central. So apologies to the readers who had come to expect more prodigious posting.

Also, much of the interesting “goings on” – from customer momentum to competitive tactics to pricing and product development – has been decidedly private.

So I’ve had a frozen keyboard – unsure of how or whether to continue. Then this July 4th a good friend of mine suggested I broaden the site to better match my interests (I believe at the time I was showing off my new iPhone).

And 20 minutes later we had come up with the idea for re-positioning my blog as Technology Nexus.

I hope my continued writings will prove useful or (better yet) entertaining to some of you out there. I’m still very proud and feel a part of my former Procurement Central posts – and so they’ve been migrated to the new site.

It should be an exciting ride!



Written by Dave Stephens

07/5/07 10:33 PM at 10:33 pm

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