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iPhone Review by an Average Joe

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I’m a huge fan of simplicity. An iPhone, then, which combines 3 devices into one, isn’t something I’d find naturally attractive. Dedicated devices usually suit my tastes better. Case in point is my old Blackberry: No camera, Crippled bluetooth, Crappy phone, *Fantastic instant Email*.

But today I’ve just finished moving my Blackberry address book to my 8Gb iPhone. And I can tell you for certain it was a 1-way trip. The Pearl (one of Blackberry’s latest introductions) is nice but I’m in love with “someone else”.. My poor Blackberry, a dutiful workhorse for the past few years, now sits alone nervously awaiting the recycling mailer due to arrive any day.

What makes the iPhone work well for me is how incredibly simple Apple has made it to use. First and foremost, I absolutely love the iPhone as a phone. It’s a joy to do 3-way calls, a joy to use the recent call list to call someone back, and a joy to check voicemail. And what I mean by joy is that it’s a hell of a lot quicker than I’ve ever experienced. My favorite feature, though it will sound stupid, is the old school dialing keypad – it’s big and so even a lug like me can dial a phone number without a second thought.

The iPod is fantastic as well – but that’s to be expected. The screen is stunning, cover flow is beautiful, etc etc. So my 10Gb 3rd generation iPod is ready for recycling – and when headed to work I can leave my Shuffle at home.

The web browser is fantastic too – the double-tap to zoom in on a column in Google News or other web pages is very handy. I’m usually someplace that has Wifi – my home & my office – so to me it is blazingly fast. Edge sucks in some areas I find myself in and is acceptable in others – it just depends.

I love the camera – you can activate it quickly and it takes pictures fast too – so I’ve found myself capturing little moments that would have otherwise been lost. I don’t think it’s any better than other cell phone cameras of comparable quality – but it’s nice for a guy who has been in an old Blackberry wasteland.

The mail application is just ok. It’s not push of course so it’s a different experience than Blackberry. It also doesn’t merge my Inbox’s (Work and Personal) like I can do in Apple Mail on my Macbook (Apple Mail is also just mediocre – I only use it over Thunderbird due to a massive memory leak I encountered there that pissed me off).

Typing on the iPhone is not as fast as with a dedicated keyboard like my widebody Blackberry had. This is just a tradeoff – I find myself typing “fast enough” – and I think the auto-correction technology is pretty great. But I’d never, ever, ever say it was better than a dedicated qwerty miniature keyboard. It may however be better than the fake dedicated qwerty keyboards where letters are shared between buttons.

I am really curious how many of the iPhones Apple will sell over the next 12 months. But more to the point – I am very happy with the iPhone purchase I made. It’s the first product I’ve waited in line to purchase. And I’ve have to say my Friday night 2 1/2 hour wait at the AT&T store in San Mateo was worth it. I love using the iPhone!

Author’s note: I own Apple stock. Just a little. I wished I owned a whole lot more. :)


Written by Dave Stephens

07/7/07 7:29 PM at 7:29 pm

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