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iPhone – That Didn’t Take Long

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I recommend those interested in following how the iPhone is shaking up the mobile handset and mobile carrier market take a look at this ChangeWave report. Here are a few highlights:

  • 16% of those that planned to buy a new phone within 6 months were planning on buying the iPhone – the highest of any device or manufacturer. Motorola came in second with 14%
  • Of those who already purchased an iPhone 77% said that were “very satisfied” – the next closest, Blackberry / RIM, registered a likewise impressive 50% number
  • AT&T continues to benefit from the exclusive Apple relationship as “planned switchers” are coming in at 30% to AT&T whereas on 19% to Verizon

It’s still too early to call the iPhone a runaway success. But the fact that it is even registering alongside established vendors in surveys like these bodes well.

Voluntary disclosure – i hold a few shares of aapl stock, own an iPhone and am typing this into my MacBook :)


Written by Dave Stephens

08/13/07 8:41 AM at 8:41 am

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